Fodring og pleje af heste

Frank van Rozendaal

Export Manager

I was active full-time as an instructor and rider before starting at Pavo. I have mainly been involved with show jumping and have participated with both national and light international competitions. But it was unfortunately a little too much to be fully involved with competitive sports in addition to my employment at Pavo, so I decided to stop competing. This experience has certainly provided me with a large network and has also helped me to find out which requirements feed has to satisfy in the horse world. I have gotten to know Pavo’s range of products well as a customer and, following my application for an account manager position, started in the South of the Netherlands and subsequently continued on to an export promotion via marketing, as there was an ever increasing demand from abroad to also introduce our Pavo products in other markets.

Our focus is currently on Northern and Western Europe, with Scandinavia as the most important sales area. Russia, the Middle East and the more East European countries are the growth markets for our export. Many Dutch, German and Belgian sports horses are being sold to all parts of the world and in their wake there is also plenty of demand for all manner of associated items, including horse feed. You will often find yourself in completely different cultures and circumstances compared to what we are used to here in the Netherlands and this is what makes it so varied and challenging. We are looking for distributors in the various different countries, who we can collaborate with to ensure the local horse owners can be provided with optimal assistance where feeding their horses is concerned.

Looking for new opportunities and – in my case – helping the distributors to promote our products in their country: that’s what gives me energy!

Frank van Rozendaal

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