Fodring og pleje af heste

Claudia Spanjaard

Manager Marketing

As soon as I visit an event that has anything to do with horses, I wear my Pavo jacket. Even outside working hours. I really like to promote the fact that I work for Pavo and besides, the jacket is really comfy. The right Pavo image displays a happy and healthy horse. Shiny coat and ears pricked forward. Arnd Bronkhorst taught me well how to look at the image. He is a perfectionist and his perfectionism has rubbed off on me. Our entire range of packaging shows a perfect match and this is what I am most proud of, because this was my first large scale project.

And you know what? I am truly allergic to horses! When you feel really sick after an hour of riding, the fun is gone quickly. Even if you are totally mad about horses. Fortunately I was able to import a Curly mare from America. This breed is hypoallergenic, which is why I do not respond to her with an allergic reaction. I even bought a Curly stallion, named Fire!

Claudia Spanjaard

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